"... an intergalactic love child of Jeff Buckley and Beach House, understated but with a distinct presence." - Huffington Post

"As impressive a debut as any in recent memory, [Sea White Salt] is packed full of lush, ofttimes haunting textures and hypnotizing tones that transport you to another place entirely. It’s almost visual in its delivery, evoking imagery in the listener’s mind of various rich landscapes and soothing scenarios." - Under the Gun Review

“When was the last time you stood in a basement bar next to your favorite friends, holding a beer, bobbing your head, maybe looking across the room for the pretty chick you bumped into near the bathroom, all to the sounds of the cool band on stage that's making you feel like you've discovered something beautiful? This is how Joseph Sant makes you feel.” - Guest of a Guest

“In the ilk of Real Estate, Ducktails, and The War on Drugs, Joseph Sant is crafting magically ethereal guitar-led pop with a firm grasp on atmospheric power.” – Obscure Sound

"It’s so difficult to stand out from the crowd in indie pop these days, but Joseph Sant has cast himself a defiantly original voice." - Big Takeover Magazine

"The ever expanding universe that is Brooklyn’s dreampop scene seemingly knows no bounds. While numerous bands explore that style’s noisier side, the recently released debut EP “Sea White Salt" by Joseph Sant takes a more introspective approach." - The Deli Magazine

"Sea White Salt explores the human connection between nature and the seasons, creating a warm and hazy sonic atmosphere, analogous to the season of summer." - Huffington Post New Artist Review

“Opening with a clattering drum and melody that Zachary Cole Smith would kill to have written, Nor’easter is full of moody grace … [W]ith this track he’s announced himself as an artist whose name will shortly be on the lips of all with even a passing interest in the genre.” - Songwriting Magazine

Interview with Delusions of Adequacy

"Joseph Sant's single "Nor'easter" is a gorgeous, full-sounding indie rock gem. This dreamy track is packed with quintessential pop hooks and a smooth vocal emphasis. The attentively plucked guitar intertwines with the acoustic guitar as the classic poppy beat leads the way. The reverberated effects launch this song's ethereal sound to the next level." - Indie Shuffle

“[Sant] is artist on top of his craft with his newest EP, Sea White Salt… These four songs will haunt you in the most genuine of ways.” – Ear to the Ground

"First of all, where is Joseph hiding? […] His voice transitions the mood from chaos to a perpetual dreamland that should not end." - NY Social Agenda

"[Nor'easter] sweeps you away with a feeling of timelessness, capturing the 80s warmth of Wild Nothing as well as the road trip nostalgia of The War On Drugs. It reveals its treasures as once, leaving you awestruck..." - We All Want Someone to Shout For

"[Sant] has cultivated a delicate sound that is aching to be heard." -Girl Underground Music

“Single “Nor’easter’ connects instantly with inventive, haunting guitar work calling out from a distant shore line with rhythymic swells further serving to entrance.” – Speak Into My Good Eye

"Releasing the dreamlike and inspired EP Sea White Salt, Joseph Sant has placed himself among other artists like Sigur Ros and Feist." - VENTS Magazine interview, album review

"Sant imbues the jagged shores of Brooklyn with the foggy seascapes of his Pacific Northwest, yielding an unsettling quietude to the crises that are raging against our world." - AXS

"[Nor'easter is] like a wash, almost a 4AD at that, and as it hits the chorus and it splashes into life, it really captures your heart." - Backseat Mafia 

"“Nor’easter” is a great example of the kind of echoed, reverb’d goodness found in abundance throughout the recordings, alongside clean, beautifully-toned guitar melodies, and haunting lap-steel licks that really blur the line between shoegaze and indie folk rock." - Newdust

“On the standout track of Sea White Salt, one can hear the soul and kind hearted love within the track, that transcends as an undertone on the EP.” – Music Court

"Sant’s music is alive and dreamy with its mellow pop rhythms." - EatSleepBreatheMusic

"With such rich hypnotic textures floating throughout, “Sea White Salt” is one of those collections that can be comforting on those winter nights and could earn the New Yorker much deserved recognition." - Music Crowns

"[Sant's] sound is ambient, elusive, ethereal, dark, inscrutable, and vast. […] Even when he’s singing high there’s something deep and beautiful behind the melody – haunting even." - This Is Not The Radio

"Think Real Estate crossed with Beach Fossils and you get Joseph Sant." - Abduction Reduction

“"Nor’easter," the album’s brooding first song ... possesses a tense, anxious beauty — as though just under the surface, something dangerous is about to happen.” - The Joy of Violent Movement

“A haunting homage to a fragile coast, Sea White Salt’s undercurrent roils with raw emotion.” -Scallywag Magazine

"... great vocals and musicianship, and really good production, make [Sea White Salt] a pleasing collection of rather classy songs." - Beehive Candy

"Joseph Sant’s Sea White Salt is an audible-triumph in stunning atmospheres and beautifully unique song-writing... He’s used his voice cleverly, much like an instrument on these four-songs and blended himself right into his dreamlike sounds for a recognizable, signature-style that will no doubt leave a memorable impact on myself personally for years to come." - Skope MagazineSleeping Bag Studios